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Energy Security For The Future

CMD’s Desk


In India’s three stages of Nuclear power programme, BHAVINI paves way as a forerunner in second stage by building a 500 MWe Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor (PFBR) at Kalpakkam. It is entrusted with a mandate to construct, commission and operate the Fast Breeder Reactors to provide energy security for the nation in long run.

PFBR is constructed indigenously with the involvement of major Indian industries and sustained power operation of this reactor will be a feather in the cap in line with the nation’s ‘Aatma Nirbhar Bharat’ campaign. This will also pave way for the future growth of BHAVINI with the plan of constructing two more FBRs, in the adjoining site of PFBR at Kalpakkam and a fleet of future FBRs in other probable sites.

The overall construction of PFBR and commissioning of individual systems have been completed and the integrated commissioning of various systems is steadily progressing. After establishing integrated commissioning of the systems, it is planned to fill sodium in the Main Vessel and the primary loops. After purification of sodium, starting of the Primary Sodium Pumps and isothermal operations, initiation of fuel loading in the core will commence towards first approach to criticality.

BHAVINI is marching ahead in its activities with the sustained support from all the units of Department of Atomic Energy and other stakeholders.