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Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor (PFBR):

After erection and integration of all the systems both in Nuclear Island & Power Island, commissioning of the individual systems have been completed and the integrated commissioning of various systems is in progress. The major works that have been completed during the year 2020 are as follows: .

After successful operation of both the secondary sodium loops, from March 2019 till Oct, 2019, it was shut down for initiating rectification & in-situ modification of the large rotatable plug bearing. Presently, the bearing rectification/modification has been completed, which required innovative & meticulous planning by both designers (from IGCAR) and commissioning teams (from BHAVINI) and also necessitated R&D and technology development efforts for manufacture of large diameter spacer balls through an MSME. Further, the Transfer Arm (which forms a part of the fuelling machinery), which had been suitably modified and re-installed back on pile, was also tested extensively, for confidence building. Further, during the period of secondary sodium loop operation, extensive vibration measurements were carried out on the secondary sodium pumps (SSP) at various speeds of operation, and also on the piping and intermediate heat-exchangers (IHX). All the data collected were reviewed thoroughly in association with the designers (from IGCAR), in order to closely validate the theoretical designs and performance at high operating temperatures.

Considering that there have been a number of performance shortfalls and equipment faults during the past four years of commissioning efforts, a graded approach is being undertaken, wherein the commissioning of the various systems & equipment are being taken up, systematically & sequentially, in incremental steps and their performance is checked at each step. A detailed design validation exercise was also undertaken, by expert teams from BARC and also other units of DAE, since all the PFBR systems, structures & equipment (SSE) are first-of-a-kind (FOAK) design, and the graded approach being undertaken for commissioning, were also closely reviewed and approved. Presently, testing & commissioning of the various systems & equipment of both the primary systems and fuel-handling systems, are progressing in parallel and at various stages. The commissioning procedures and associated safety aspects are being closely formulated / reviewed along with the design teams and regulatory teams. Further, various other on-pile testing jobs and minor in-situ reactor-assembly modifications, are in progress, as a pre-requisite to commissioning of the primary system.

Modification of Guard Pipe Nitrogen Circuit pipe lines of Decay Heat Exchanger & Intermediate Heat Exchanger lines for design improvement and preparation for replacement of balls in the bearing of Small Rotatable Plug (SRP) are in progress. Commissioning of fuel handling system is in progress in parallel. After completion of modifications in SRP bearing, pre-heating of reactor assembly will be done towards commencement of sodium filling in Main Vessel. This will be followed by isothermal testing and fuel loading.

Pre-project activities of FBR 1 & 2:

Towards construction of Site Assembly Shop for fabrication and assembly of large dimensional reactor components, structural works have been completed and finishing works are in progress. Site Evaluation Report is being revised as per the new AERB siting code.